Looking for a job? Looking for a new colleague?

Fresh graduate

and looking for a job?

We know, that it is really not easy to find a job when you don´t have work experience. Companies need young, fresh, motivated employees, but still, they want someone with at least some experience. If you focused on studies or you simply did not have a chance to reach relevant work experience during the studies, it´s pretty hard to succeed in the interview. Or even to get an invitation to interview!

Tired of plenty interviews

with people which are not "what you are looking for"?

Standard, paper CV´s are still the best way how to choose who should be invited to the interview. But how to do it and do not waste your time with young people/just graduated youth? Their CV´s are more or less just the information like where they live and what they studied, hobbies and some skills - which are not tested/proofed in a real life - at work, no reference at all...

CVTube platform is here for you

...for young people and HR professionals as well!

Short video CV will give a chance to young people to show impress the HR professionals, to get an invitation for the interview!


Short video CV will give a chance to HR professionals to choose the young people which make a good first impression by their video CV and the interview with them simply "make sense!

It´s so simple
only short registration, and that´s it! GOOD LUCK!
Don´t  waste your time and

use the CVTube platform!

How the video CV should be like?

We have prepared a set of tutorial videos which can help you to make your own video CV, it´s really not a big deal!

Not sure how it works?

just click here or there 🙂


We promise to make it a good one!